The Soap Boilers

Soap is like cheese. It must mature for one to eight months.  No piece is the same as the other.   Because temperature and weather influence the colouring. The production is, to a certain degree, reminiscent of the joy of baking. With a large stirrer and lots of little moulds.  It comes down to the milligram. For the right consistency and a tactile result.

Soap and beer, why not!

Because in the end, soap doesn't like plastic, and it also likes to release its scent in the wardrobe. The “Seifensiedler” (soap boilers), also known as Felicia Huber and Alina Willgoose, know all of this. They came to this topic as lateral entrants and have been writing their own soap opera since 2020. With a growing range of hand-made natural soaps, which they produce and sell at their shop in Partenkirchen. But not just that. Because the sisterly team bubbles over with creativity and has many plans in mind that are constantly sliding across the counter. As soap products of all kinds, which they produce using the cold process and according to strict certified guidelines. "In doing so, we rely primarily on regional ingredients such as Ettaler beer, local herbs and Werdenfels honey and, most recently, customers can also watch us as we work," says Alina, looking at the large window that provides a clear insight into the production kitchen. "Our goal is simply to make good products and to use as little plastic as possible in the process." This also fits perfectly with their second pillar, because apart from the pleasantly scented shelf inhabitants, Fee and Alina also like bottles. Not empty ones, of course, but rather full of beer, which also bubbles over with joy after being purchased.
There is a lot to discover.

17 Die Seifensieder


Alina Willgoose und Felicia Huber
Ludwigstraße 38
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Tel: +49 8821 9435733
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Am Kurpark 29
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Inser Hoamat

INSER HOAMAT - alpine ingredients from Zugspitz Region.
There's a lot to discover.

Zugspitz Region GmbH
Burgstr. 15
DE-82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

fon: +49 (0) 88 21 751 561



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The INSER HOAMAT - products can also be purchased from our selected sales partner.

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