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Mother-and-son team Wurm combine a whole range of artisan abilities. The have been working together for many years now. Veronika, a mother of five who trained as a florist and is a dedicated tea drinker, was inspired to produce handmade soap while on holiday in France. Since then, there has been another scent in the air at her tea shop. The fact that her son Michael, a carpenter by trade, joined her in the world of hearty fragrances and baking forms, was a real stroke of luck. Because together they not only organise two shops including the glass-fronted demonstration soap-making facility, they also develop the in-house recipes. There are now over 50, which are certified according to strict guidelines. "Because soap is absorbed through the skin, it is classified as a food product. Therefore, clean rooms are required for production, just like a butcher's shop."

We have vegan soaps. We always have.

And the essence of the “Wurmsch’n-Reinheitsgebot” (Wurm Purity Law)? This covers palm oil free, cold-stirred soaps, whereby the precious ingredients are retained by using this process, and which are also vegan. "It has always been like this, and we are constantly developing our knowledge.” For example, the green colour is achieved using spinach powder or the lye is sometimes also mixed with tea. Here, the most local of local is often just a turn of the sod away.

As in the case of the moor soap, which draws its natural healing power from the nearby moorlands, and the moor alpine salt peel, which smells wonderfully of local mountain pines. Or our own blend of Hörnleblick (mountain view) tea, which "for the most part contains ingredients that grow here." But whether soap or tea, "we are constantly bursting with ideas and place great value on sustainability": shower balls are made from off-cuts, our body butter comes in paper bags and many of our customers bring their own containers with them. This is just as welcome at the Wurms’ shop as individual requests, which Veronika sympathetically and emphatically arranges as gifts with personalised scents. These can even be made into 3D forms by Michael at the demonstration facility. There is a lot to discover.

Inser Hoamat - a genuine piece of Zugspitz Region. Products from Seifenmanufaktur Wurm Tee und Fass. Created and made here.

16 Seifenmanufaktur Wurm

Veronika Wurm
Obermarkt 35
82418 Murnau
Tel.: 08841 672278


Am Mühlbach 7
82442 Saulgrub
Tel: 08845 5659712

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Inser Hoamat

INSER HOAMAT - alpine ingredients from Zugspitz Region.
There's a lot to discover.

Zugspitz Region GmbH
Burgstr. 15
DE-82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

fon: +49 (0) 88 21 751 561

web: www.zugspitz-region-gmbh.de
mail: inser-hoamat@zugspitz-region.de 


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The INSER HOAMAT - products can also be purchased from our selected sales partner.

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